Florida Couple Attempted To Fake A $1m Lottery Win

A Florida couple tried to dupe state lottery officials by taping together two tickets to claim a $1m prize. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

A couple in Florida faces criminal charges for trying to fake a $1m lottery win by taping two tickets together. Among the charges levied upon Dakota Jones and Kira Enders are altering a state lottery ticket with the intention to defraud and the grand theft of more than $100,000.

Enders tried to claim the $1m prize for a $50 “500x the Cash” scratch-off ticket, but the Florida Lottery noticed that two tickets were “crudely” taped to each other in an attempt to look like the seven-figure winning combination.

staff instantly spotted the tampering and flagged the case number

When Enders went to the lottery’s Pensacola office on March 1, staff instantly spotted the tampering and flagged the case number. When attempting to get the winnings, Enders signed documents that mentioned that there are legal consequences for anyone who tries to alter an official ticket.

Enders followed up on the ticket submission on March 7, asking when the winnings would be forthcoming. This led to law enforcement asking the couple to visit the office a few days later, where they were questioned separately.

Local media explained that the pair had different versions of events regarding the damage to the ticket. They claimed that they used tape to reattach the pieces after accidentally tearing it.