Gambling Addict Gets 14.5 Years Jailtime For Trying To Import 2.4 Tonnes Of Cocaine Into Perth

A gambling addict from Sydney is facing 14 years in prison for his role in a drug importation scheme. [Image:]

Kenny Chen, a gambling addict from Australia, was set to make around AU$200,000 (US$131,700) for importing 2.4 tonnes of cocaine into Perth. Instead, he is facing more than 14 years in prison for his role in the illegal scheme.

Police intercepted the drugs off the South American coast before they arrived in Australia last year. They then replaced the packages with plaster before they were dropped off for collection off the coast of Perth.

When Sydney resident Chen, 28, flew to Perth to collect what he thought were five packages of cocaine, he was in fact playing into the hands of the police. Chen returned to his short-stay accommodation with the packages where police would eventually arrest him.

racked up considerable debts through gambling and drug use

In his recent court case, Chen was represented by Simon Freitag SC. He confirmed that his client had racked up considerable debts through gambling and drug use. Chen supposedly wanted to repay that money while also earning a little profit for himself by importing the drugs.

Explaining Chen’s role in the scheme, Freitag said: “His low level participation… in a massive enterprise… for financial gain. He took a risk and lost. He knows that’s the price he has to pay for that.”

While Judge Lisa Tovey acknowledged that Chen appeared remorseful for his actions, noting he pleaded guilty at an early opportunity, she sentenced him to 14.5 years behind bars. Chen will have to serve 12 years and six months before he can be released.