Six Senators Who Supported Virginia Casino Bill Received $39k From Prospective Developer

Six Virginia senators who voted in favor of a casino bill received a share of $39,000 in donations from the prospective developer. [Image:]

A Fairfax County developer is hoping to build a new casino in Virginia and is pushing a bill that would help bring the project to reality.

eight of the committee members received a share of $51,000

Ten lawmakers in the Senate Committee on General Laws & Technology backed the plan on Wednesday. Eight of the committee members received a share of $51,000 from Comstock Holding Companies since the start of 2023, with six individuals who supported the bill receiving $39,000. The developer is fully within its rights to make these donations.

The next step for Senate Bill 675 (SB675) is a hearing in the Senate Finance & Appropriations Committee following the 10-4-1 vote.

Two senators who received donations from the developer rejected the proposal. Committee Chairperson Senator Adam Ebbin, who received $10,000, questioned the lack of support so far by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, as other similar casino bills had this type of backing. Senator Christopher Head received a $2,000 donation and also voted against the plan.

Comstock first presented its casino idea in September 2023. SB 657 aims to add Fairfax County to the list of areas in the state that can host a casino.